CHHS Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in such a manner that is safe and orderly. Students should refrain from wearing any attire that will create a disturbance that may hinder the education of others.

Clothing has to pass the “card test” in order to be appropriate. An ID card, driver’s license, or debit card is examples of the types of cards that can be used for self check.



Khaki pants, jeans, shorts, skirts, Capri’s may not contain holes, rips, or tears.

Shorts, skirts and dresses must pass the card test. While standing, place the card, using the longest length, from the bottom of the garment. The end of the card must reach to the top of the knee.

Pants/Trousers/Shorts/ and Skirts must be worn at the waist above the hipbone (No Sagging), and cannot show any undergarments.

Wearing items such as leggings under shorts, skirts, and dresses does not exempt the short, skirt, dress from passing the card test.


Necklines of shirts, blouses, and dresses must be no lower than the length of the card from the collarbone.

Shirts can be long or short sleeved. Tank Tops/Muscle shirts are prohibited.

Dresses/Blouses that do not have a collar must be covered with a collared shirt.

All tops should cover the midsection of the body, if your skin is exposed it is too short.

Shoes or Sandals must be worn at all times.



Hats/Headgear must be free of inappropriate items, such as pins, hooks, etc.

Hooded sweatshirts that zip or button can be worn, but must remain open and unzipped.

Coats and Jackets are to be worn open and unzipped while in the building.

Sweatshirts must be worn in a manner that shows the collar of the shirt underneath.

The following items are not permitted to be worn at school or as designated below:

  1. Any item which is obscene, sexually provocative, and vulgar or disrupts the educational environment.
  2. Clothes that advertise publicize or promote drugs, tobacco, alcohol or other illegal activities.
  3. Clothes that are skin tight or hip hugging.
  4. Metal chains, spike collars or any other jewelry or accessory which poses a safety hazard or danger to the student or other school members.
  5. Sleeveless shirts, “spaghetti” straps, or tank tops.
  6. Bandannas and kerchiefs
  7. Gang related clothing or paraphernalia, any item that indicate gang affiliation or promotes gangs.  (See Gang Activity Policy)

Prohibition Against Gang Activity, Gang paraphernalia, or Gang Clothing

No student shall commit any act that furthers gangs or gang-related activities. A gang is any ongoing organization, association or group of three or more persons, whether formal or informal, having as one of its primary activities the commission of criminal acts or the purposeful violation of any HCS policy and having a common name or common identifying sign, colors or symbols.

Any student found in violation of the required dress code will be given the opportunity to correct the problem prior to any disciplinary action being taken. Failure to comply with these Dress Code guidelines will result in the following:

1st Offense- verbal warning and change into dress code

2nd Offense- verbal warning, change into dress code and parent notification

3rd Offense- 1 day ISS/ change into dress code and parent notification

4th Offense- 3 days ISS/ change into dress code and parent conference

A 5th Offense or higher will be treated as a refusal to follow a reasonable request.


The Principal or Lead Teacher will make the final decision regarding dress code violations  








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