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Central Haywood High School’s students had the opportunity to hear about social studies teacher Caroline Bethea-Brown’s summer visit to South Africa.  Bethea-Brown shared photos and anecdotes of her time in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban with students and staff at a school-wide assembly. Go Global NC sponsored this travel experience for 26 teachers from all over North Carolina.

Students’ reactions varied.  Taylor Sutton said, “It would be so cool to go there, to experience it myself.”  Zach Farley was “surprised at how modern it is;” Lance Reece added, “There were a lot more buildings than I thought, and they were a lot bigger.”  Erica Giberson summarized the impression of many of the students when she explained, “I was surprised that there was so much poverty and so much wealth.  It is really diverse.”

Bethea-Brown is an advocate for Global Education at the local and state level.

Learn more at www.goglobalnc.org.

c-bethea-brown bethea-brown-4

More photos below:

Bethea-Brown at a school in South Africa

Stunning South Africa backdrop



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